Features Vinyl Steel
14 Gauge Galvanized Steel Wall Y
20 MIL Liner with Tile Print Border Y
Full Vermiculite Bottom Y
Wall Skimmer and Two Returns Y Y
Vertical Diatomaceous Earth Filter Y Y
One 3-Step Ladder Y Y
Basic Electrical Hookup, 220v 1ph Motor, 11v Ground Fault Receptacle (contingent upon inspection by builder) Y Y
Stainless Steel Coping Y Y
Brass Main Drain Y Y
100 PSI Pipes with All Stainless Steel Clamps Y Y
Six foot Recessed Walk-In Steps with Spa Fittings and Two Hand Rails Y Y
Pool Deck 4” Wire Mesh Reinforced Natural Aggregate Concrete (4' on three sides, 7' dive board end) Y Y
Full Coated Concrete Bottom Y
#304 Stainless Steel Wall Y
Underwater Light O O
Gas Heater (gas hookup not included) O O
Additional Concrete Deck – per sq. ft. O O
Fiber Optic Lights O O
Step Lounger O O
Queen Curve Slide with Additional Deck O O
Automatic Chlorination O O
Automatic Brominator O O
Eight Foot Walk-In Steps O O
Automatic Pool Cover O O
Sun Deck as Fountain O O
Swimming Pool Bar O O
Y=Yes O=Optional

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